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Cattle Guards

Cattle Guard Fabrication & Repair for Forestry & Farm Owners

Cattle guards play an integral role in the forestry and farming sector. Whatever the reason your cattle guards are used for, Paul Lake Welding & Contracting in Kamloops knows how important it is to you that they are sturdy enough to hold heavy-loaded vehicles such as tractor trailers and transport trucks. They must also be made of durable, long-lasting material to prevent early corrosion and rust.

Built for Heavy Loads, Tough Conditions

At Paul Lake Welding & Contracting, Mike has extensive experience in the fabrication and repair of cattle guards for the forestry and farming industry in Kamloops. Whether fabricated for use on a road or on farmland, Mike will ensure your cattle guard is built or repaired to withstand the heaviest loads and toughest conditions. Secure your property, and prevent cattle, vehicles and trespassers from accessing your land by choosing a fabrication and repair contractor you can trust.

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